What are beets?

Beets are a beautiful, deep purple vegetable that go perfectly with a salad, entrée, appetizer or side dish. Beets are a root vegetable with an earthy rich flavor. This flavor is called geosmin. Some vegetables that are similar in flavor are spinach, lettuce and mushrooms. In some cases, beets can be sweet and tender when paired with the proper ingredients. The taste of beets depends solely on how you prepare them, so don’t be intimidated!

Beets also have many amazing health benefits. Beets are low-calorie, rich in vitamin A, B and C, beta-carotene, folic acid, potassium and iron. They are recommended in reducing blood pressure, lowering blood sugar, increasing post work-out recovery time, and even enhancing brain activity.

How can I use beets?

Beets can be used in various ways, but are typically difficult to handle due to their deep color that can get messy during prep. Green Giant helps to eliminate prep-time by offering a convenient and mess free-way to enjoy beets. Try using Green Giant® Riced Veggies and Green Giant Veggie Spirals™ Beets in your next meal.

  1. The perfect complement for beets is goat cheese. To prevent cheeses from turning pink when using beets, crumble the cheese over the finished recipe just before serving.
  2. Add beets on top of your favorite salad.
  3. Because of their dense texture and sweet flavor, beets go best with rich meats like pork, beef, sausage and ham, as well as more flavorful fish like salmon or swordfish.
  4. To infuse flavor into your beets, simmer in orange or apple juice.
  5. Process beets with chickpeas, tahini, olive oil and lemon juice for a beet hummus.
  6. Use Green Giant® Riced Veggies Beets as base for veggie burgers.
  7. Green Giant Veggie Spirals™ Beets have a nice crisp texture. To retain the crispness, be careful not to overcook.
  8. To minimize color transfer after cooking Green Giant® Riced Veggies Beets or Green Giant Veggie Spirals™ Beets, place in colander to drain well. Remove and spread onto two layers of paper towel, cover with two more layers, and gently press down to absorb excess moisture. Repeat two to three times, as needed. To remove even more color, place beets in colander and run under water to rinse, then drain and blot. Or simply embrace the pretty pink color that the beets add to your recipes.
  9. Beets are sweet and earthy. They pair well with spicy, fragrant and warm herbs and spices. Use basil, caraway, chives, cloves, coriander, cumin, dill, ginger, fennel, allspice, sage, thyme and tarragon. They also work well with milder, fruity flavors, yet hold their own with stronger flavors like balsamic vinegar.

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